Come In & Get Cozy

I’m so stinking excited that you have found your way to my little corner! My title ‘Come In & Get Cozy’ is here to express the exact meaning of what I’ll be sharing here on the blog. My favorite bloggers have always been the ones who make me excited to watch their IG stories, read their blogs, and buy products they enjoy; because I feel like there’s a safe friendship started between them and their followers. I always want my website to be a place that you can expect honest reviews, on-a-budget prices, and most importantly real life moments. I am definitely NOT the girl who wakes up with tan skin, perfect hair, and the teeth so white they blind you. Though I may be striving to have my life that put together, I’m definitely still a work in progress.

When it comes to a specific niche, I’ve always been really bad at staying in one box. This is why I’ve decided to categorize the blog under fashion and lifestyle. The style pieces that you’ll be seeing, will be what I describe as casual chic. There will be a lot of denim; tops that can be worn in a million different ways; a lot of cute booties, sneakers, and sandals; as well as some workout pieces that will actually last through years of workouts, errands, and days around the house.

Along with fashion, we’ll be talking a lot about lifestyle pieces! This may be my favorite aspect as we talk about home decor, rearranging furniture for specific spaces, squeezing in a workout , meal prepping, and so much more! Lifestyle is such a broad category that I feel will allow us to be real with each other about what’s going on in day-to-day life whether it’s glamorous or not. My goal when talking about lifestyle pieces is to help you discover how to be the most successful version of yourself, while I’m doing the same! And just like how you’re new around here, I’m new at this too so we’re on this journey together.

Photos are taken and owned by Esgate Photography

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